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Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy is good

Being busy is good for me, I love getting lots of things done, even if it means getting an oil change and the tires rotated (yes, I did that today! lol).

I have been so busy today and I am very grateful for that, in fact I am grateful for lots of things such as...
  • having a wonderful husband that supports all my decisions and is very loving
  • being healthy
  • my happy little dog that puts a smile on my face every day
  • having a wonderful family, even though my family is far in distance, but they are always in my heart
  • finding a good friend (Leda) to hang out with
  • getting a job
  • for my husband's stable job
  • having a cute house in a quiet neighborhood
  • being able to do my crafts
  • the warm and beautiful day we are having today!

There are lots more things that I am grateful for, this list is just a tiny little piece.

This is Rabuda (read: Ha-boo-da) laying outside to dry herself out after I gave her a bath a little while ago - lucky her I also had time to mow the lawn today. :0)

The day isn't over yet, thank goodness! There is time to cook a nice meal and have dinner with my husband and go to a stitchery meeting afterwards, and of course, do a little bit of crochet.


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