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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hello, hello

Hello everyone! (Is there anyone reading this blog?!)

Well, I had a wonderful day today! My friend Leda and I went to the mall for her to choose her wedding gift (she got married while I was in Brazil a month or so ago). After she picked what she wanted we had lunch and then walked around for awhile, it was fun.

This afternoon I also went to the Visitor Bureau for an open house, met new people and had a good time. :o)

Now it's about 8:30 pm, my husband is watching his favorite TV show (The Ultimate Fighter), we had dinner a little bit ago, I made some chicken rings, made with croissant dough, chicken (of course! lol) and cranberries. *I got the recipe from a Pampered Chef recipe book.

Anyways, hopefully I will have some time to keep working on my fat bottom bag (picture) and read a little before I go to bed. Oh, talking about that, the book I'm reading is very interesting, it's called "The Book Thief" by Marcus Zusak, it talks about a girl who was a book thief in Germany during the war.


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