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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out and about

I love where I live. I love my house, I love the city and I also love the state. My house is small, but it's decorated the way I want it to be. The city has its bad parts, but I would say that there are more good than bad parts. It rains a lot in this state, but the trees and plants are always green.

So today I decide to explore my city a little more, I walked around and took pictures of things I thought were interesting. Like this one of the Bostwick Building:

And this one on Broadway Street of a salmon sculpture. *I think there are a few salmon sculptures around town, I shot a couple of them today.

I also visited the Antique row, Tacoma Historical Society, both in the Theater district and then the Tacoma Art Museum to see a Renoir exhibit, besides today is the third Thursday of the month and the museums in town are free.

In the beginning of the night my friend Sandy stopped by with her little puppy dog for a quick visit, which was a very nice surprise. I love having friends over! :o)

What a great day.


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