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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Where is the Summer?? The weather has been so crazy lately, I can't believe it! I am from Brazil, so I really miss the warm weather and the blue sky!

I have been trying to take care of my yard, but it would help if it quit raining a little bit... lol
It seems to me that the days are flying by since I came back from my trip to Brazil last month, I guess I feel that way because I have been working a lot, which doesn't bother me though.

I just got a second job (it is a temporary position from now through September), I am really happy (and to be honest a little anxious) about that! Now I have 2 part time jobs, which is fun, so I can do different things and meet with different people. :)

Changing the subject... Yesterday I worked on a custom order, I am making a 12 point star afghan for a very nice lady ( that has been my best customer at etsy. She was my first customer and we have been in touch since then, I intend to meet up with her one of these days. The good thing is that she lives here in the state of Washington too, maybe one hour away from where I live, so I can make it happen.

I have lots of plans for today in my head, in fact, I couldn't sleep very well last night because I kept waking up with the storm of thoughts, I guess I am an anxious person, even more so when I am about to face something new.

So... I should keep moving! ;)


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