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Saturday, July 5, 2008

I think I am weird... I had the day off today and didn't even know what to do with all of that time to myself! So, I decided to be a little lazy, not too lazy, but a little.

I ran some errands and did some chores at home, and just sat down to watch the TV shows that I had recorded on my DVR and never had the time to watch, while I was watching my shows I crocheted. I am now working on a place mat set, using some thick cotton thread that my sister had sent me from Brazil.

I'm all done with the blanket and also with the baby hats, so that is a relief, even though I am looking forward to getting some more yarn from the lady to make more hats to donate - it just feels so good to help!

Anyways... yesterday me and my husband saw the Tall Ships and went out for dinner at Woody's, and it was very good. Now I'm at home, we are waiting for some friends to come over to watch the UFC flights with us (my husband loves them!), so in the end it has been a lazy but good day. :o)


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