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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Okay, so this is my belly at 25 weeks of pregnancy. :o)

I wonder if this is normal, but since I got pregnant my dog follows me all the time, she's like a shadow right now. I can do a couple of laps around the coffee table and she'll follow me. Have you heard about that happening to anyone before?

I've been nesting like crazy! Crocheting baby clothes, cleaning up every room of my house, getting my husband to get things done (lol), listening to all Pregtastic podcasts, thinking about cloth diapers... my mind has been full.

One of the ups of this week is that today is my last day of work. This is the start of me becoming a stay home mom, I'm really excited, with lots of plans, but one of the downs is that my back has been hurting, I guess that's part of the pregnancy package... lol

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, cheers!


  1. I have a friend whose dog guards her new born, and he cries if he's separated from the baby.................. it's interesting isn't it................. and rather touching and lovely...............

  2. I dont know about the dog thing..we have only had ours since July. Staying at home is such a fun and exciting thing! Im so happy for you! Look for some local groups to hang out with. Adult interaction is crucial! :)

  3. All the best with your upcoming baby and all what it entails to be a mom and stay at home!

  4. Congratulations on the baby and becoming a stay at home mom! You will absolutely love it! There is nothing more fulfilling, more inspiring, more freeing than just being there to watch your babies grow. I'm excited for you! It is an incredibly difficult job that will have you thinking pregnancy hormones were a breeze, but you'll never want to change a thing. ;-)

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