Just Be Happy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today we had my husband's family over for yummy breakfast burritos (made by my hubby), then we all went bowling - which also was fun.

In the afternoon, we went to the waterfront with friends and our dog for a walk, it was so foggy, but we had such a good time! :o)

What a good weekend... I'm very content.

As always, found a little time to craft and put some new stuff on my etsy shop.

Here is the latest thing I made:


  1. My Saturday started out on track, but was derailed as I was helping a friend prepare enchilada's for a birthday party for later in the afternoon. She tripped in her kitchen as we were hard at work and broke her little toe. There was the drive to the Emergency room, etc... So I came to the rescue to help her with the things she needed to get done for the party while taking care of her... An eventful full day!! Love your new items and I'll try to catch up with you this week.


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