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Monday, December 22, 2008

I almost can't believe the amount of snow that we have around here... I'm not complaining - don't get me wrong. I do feel bad for the people that have to drive, including my husband who works a little over one hour north from our home. Like I said in the previous post, I have been enjoying the snow, staying warm by the fireplace and doing lots of crochet.

Yesterday though, we played a little bit in our back yard, had a little snowball fight and built a snowman, who makes me smile every time I look at it from the window.

Here is a picture of us... I think my pregnancy hormones is "making" both of us gain weight... or would it be the amount of goodies we have been eating? lol. We are happy together though, so that's what matters the most, right? *Please agree with me... lol
This is one of the things I've been doing... lots of time to crochet. How good is that?! I also finished a scarf and started another hat (which I couldn't finish because I ran out of yarn - have you heard me say that before?!). I am not a very good pattern follower, but this one was pretty simple, yet time consuming, but I really like the looks of it.

Well, well... time to do some chores... after 4 days with my hubby at home, the house needs some serious clean up!



  1. Hi,so happy you stopped by. I hope your hubby had a safe trip mine did,and I am sure your's do too. What a cute hat, you are an accomplished crocheter. Is this your first pregnancy? If so try to enjoy it, it is such a special time.
    You and your hubby look happy, and you are right that is all that matters.
    I live in Portland Oregon. So we are quite a ways apart. But I think we get the same weather flow.
    Take care and stay warm. I am staying warm by the computer, as I can't get my crafting muse going. TTFN

  2. That hat is so cute! My daughter would love it! Is that something that a "never crocheted before" person could make??? Cute snowman, cute picture of the 2 of you. Ebjoy your day!!

  3. Darling Blog. I loved being pregnant. It was so much fun!!
    Enjoy your holiday. Just think..next year you will be celebrating your babies first Christmas.

  4. The pattern in the hat looks very similar to the one I was attempting to follow. Here is the pattern link I found online, but I didn't do the brim: http://www.baycrochet.com/patberet.htm. One day I may try it again with the brim, but don't hold your breath.

    Here is a scarf pattern I would like to try. You may have seen it, but if not I'm passing it to you because you're more on task than I am. Plus I promised Alhana I wouldn't start any more projects until I finish that baby blanket. Here it is: http://myboringblog.wordpress.com/2007/12/10/circle-crochet-scarf-pattern/. It's a very cool scarf!

  5. Heeeeee...I was too soon to order things! I love this hat! Mmm, too bad.

    Love to see a picture of you and Rob again. Does Rob have holidays between Christmas and New Year? Then it is nice to have a white christmas and afterwards without worrying he has to drive so far.

    Here the weather is like 10 degrees but it is going to be colder in the next days. They were also mentioning some ice skating times... Wait and see! Have a nice day! X

  6. I don't mind if you use those patterns; that's why I'm sharing my online find. I know you'll do well with them. Here is Monika's (another blogger) circle crochet scarf that she made from the original pattern: http://yarnloopie.blogspot.com/2008/02/circle-crochet-scarf.html. I love that pink color she chose, even if the scarf is too heavy [she says] but it looks fine to me. :-)

  7. I love that cap/hat! Okay, so now I want one, can you do one in baby soft pink and add a yarn rose? Would love one... keep in touch... OH, love the photo of you & hubby, too precious!


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