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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I have to learn how to pace myself a little bit or I'll go bananas at some point because I have a problem of setting up goals for my day and then I almost kill myself trying to cross off every single item of my list.

This was my list for today:
  • flat my hair
  • doctor's appointment
  • call the previous doctor to get my records transferred
  • make meatballs for dinner
  • go to my daily 1 hour walk
  • get French bread for the meatballs' sandwich & buy a dust blast spray can
  • bring my 2 huge blankets to the laundry mat (I need an industrial size washing machine for those, can't do them at home...blah!)
  • go to library to pick up the audio books I've placed on hold (I'm so excited I got them!!!)
  • go to the post office and send a Christmas package to my family in Brazil
  • go to the goodwill to donate the bags of clothes I have in my trunk
  • make a cheesecake

Well, well, well... it doesn't look like I had a lot of things to do, but it's kinda of hard when you have to drive from one place to the other... I accomplished almost everything, but wasn't able to cross off the last 2 items of the list, which is okay because tomorrow is a brand new day.

The cheesecake is to bring over to our friend's house tomorrow, where we're having dinner and the goodwill donation is just part of my cleaning up - nesting craziness... lol

Anyhow, after getting stuffed in a yummy meatball sandwich and loading the dishwasher, I went for a walk, I mean a 20 minute walk around my neighborhood, I had walked for 40 minutes and was feeling guilty for not meeting my goal, I feel it's important to be healthy not only for the baby, but also for myself.

I guess now I am going to sit down, relax, and crochet a little bit...

Do you go crazy with your expectations too? Am I going nuts??


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