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Sunday, December 28, 2008

It's Sunday morning, the snow is almost gone (thank goodness! I'll be able to drive again and go for my daily walk with my dog), my husband is going back to work tomorrow... it will be weird to be home alone after all of these days with him. We didn't do much, mostly played video games, ate (lots!! Gee...), watched tv... (and crocheted -me, of course), but it was nice having company, chatting every time I entered the room he was playing, silly things like that. You might be able to tell that I am in love with him, huh?

Anyways, Christmas was better than I expected, quiet, but not sad. We spent Christmas eve at home, just the two of us and on Christmas day we had my husband's dad and brother over for lunch, which turned out to be fun. The next day his mom and grandma came over in the afternoon and a couple of friends came over at night, nice visits.

I wasn't expecting anything at all in the gift department, since I have already gotten what I wanted before Christmas (an iphone and a Wii Fit), but ended up getting a Magellan GPS from my husband anyways and a bluetooth from my brother-in-law. Oh, of course I need to mention that my sister sent us a box of goodies from Brazil with my favorite things that I can't find in the US.

I've been obsessed with these crochet hats, they are so much fun to make and I really like the way they look. It takes me almost a whole day to make one hat, but it's gratifying to see it done. I hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you a very happy New Year!



  1. It warms my heart to witness the love that you share with your husband, through your writing! That's a very good thing & what a blessing. LOVE your beautiful new hats they're simply Fabuluso!

  2. Yeah, I'm loving the hats too! I look so chic now. :-) My students love my hats, so when I go back to work they will definitely notice.

    You know I've heard about these *cravings* pregnant women have. Maybe yours is a yarn/crochet craving. lol

  3. Nice job on the hats! They turned out great!! Im glad you enjoyed your Christmas.

  4. I love the hats!!!
    Going shopping!

  5. olá alessandra :)

    sou portuguesa e encontrei o seu blog através do flickr. gostava de saber se é possível partilhar o padrão destes magníficos chapéus.

    bom ano!!! :)


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