Just Be Happy

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My mood swings constantly, but since Sunday it has been good (I'm knocking on wood! lol).

Well, after making my husband crazy and also making myself crazy on Saturday, the day went much better on Sunday. Poor hubby, I do feel sorry for him for the way I was acting. Honestly, sometimes I wish I could leave my body and come back when things calm down... hehehe

We got up and he cooked us breakfast, then we went bowling and from there went for a walk by the water with our dog, then stopped at Trader Joe's and got some easy meals - he didn't want me to cook, so I took the day off from the kitchen.

I had a good day yesterday and today too, tried some new recipes, walked with the dog, took care of the house, did lots of crochet work.... can't complain at all.

Oh, have I mentioned I already sent all my Christmas cards away? I bought beautiful handmade cards on etsy. Our tree is up, the nativity scene is out decorating my house and the wreath is on the wall outside announcing to whoever drives by the we are ready for the holidays.

Are you ready for the holidays?


  1. Those cards are sooo cute! I always feel like I should leave my body and come back when things are better. I have a good friend due Jan 10th. I keep telling her "hang in there girl!" Keep yourself busy, but get lots of sleep. :)


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