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Monday, January 19, 2009

Okay, I have to share this with you... this was my "to do" list for today and I couldn't help but notice that I have been very forgetful these days, what other reason would I have to write down "get gas" on my to do list? Isn't that pretty obvious? You get in your car and you see that the fuel is low and the orange light is on to alert you that you are almost out of gas... but no, I guess that isn't enough for me, I had to write it down (lol).

I got it all done - yay! The good part is that I even made a whole neck warmer while waiting for my tires to be rotated.
I honestly truly didn't want to exercise (look at the little face on the paper! lol), but forced myself to do 20 minutes of Wii fit, but I am glad I did it. You know how those things are...
Anyways, this prego here is tired now and ready to chill out a little bit.


  1. I just adore you! You are awesome. I'm still laughing. You crack me up!!!!

  2. We must be in sync. I made a to-do list today and was going to post it on my other blog. I did, however, mention the list on my craft blog. :-) I finished everything but two things, but they can be done at work tomorrow.

    Guess what? We're supposed to get a little itty bit of snow tonight/tomorrow morning. I hope it's not enough to make us miss work, b/c then we'll have to make it up on Saturday.

  3. I am a list maker. They help me get so much more done. Congrats on working out and being prego. That takes a lot of effort!

  4. good job with getting everything done on your list!! i need to makes lists. i probably would get much more done in my day!

    hey, i live in bremerton and use to live in tacoma several years back. it's a small world!! :)

  5. Hi Alessandra, I wanted you to know that I changed the name of my blog to DreamsInPink... so, it's still me (Elizabeth) just a different name. Someone I didn't want got into my blog, so I had to change the name & access rights. Talk with you soon - cant wait to see my hat!!!

  6. I am loving your blog. First time I've been to it. I need to start one too. And sometimes I have to remind myself to get gas too!

    The ruffled scarves are awesome!


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