Just Be Happy

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remember the box of fleece I brought home yesterday? Well, I have been working on fleece hats and scarves as I mentioned before. By now I have 12 scarves and 13 hats ready. Maybe I have a little OCD?? lol. It doesn't look like I even touched the box though, there are still lots of fabric to be cut...

Now, let me tell you how dinner went. The chicken was awesome, but the stuffed grape leaves were okay... the recipe called for one tablespoon of ground cinnamon and I think it made it too fragrant and overwhelming. Next time I make it, I will tone done or just get rid of the cinnamon. You can see a picture of how it turned out by clicking here.

That's all for now. :o)


  1. Wow....you rock. I wish you were my neighbor!!!!
    What's for~ dinner tonight?? I bet you are going to make me hungry

  2. The scarves and hats look amazing!


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