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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well, by now all of you know how much I love crocheting, right?

I'm always making something, looking for new yarns, new inspirations, new patterns... as silly as it might sound, crocheting is very relaxing to me and I feel I am very blessed for finding something that gives so much joy.

Anyways, I joined the etsy team "Create Crochet", there aren't too many members yet, but I hope it grows! If you are interested, you have to send a message to Kristin (team captain) through her etsy shop. If you have an etsy shop and sell crochet items there, please join us.

The team has a blog too, where we can share ideas, discuss crochet related issues, tips, etc.

Since we are talking about crochet... let me show you the finished custom order scarf that I made yesterday:

The scarf is now ready to go to its new home. By the way, I love the packing part, I just have so much fun wrapping and making the package pretty, so when it arrives in the new house, the new owner will have an awesome time opening it up! :o)

Also, I started putting together all the crochet items I intend to submit to the Puyallup fair this year - that is the largest fair here in Washington state. Last year was my first attempt to participating and I was very pleased with how many ribbons I received (2 second places, 3 third places and one honorable ribbon), 6 ribbons out of 8 entries is pretty good, isn't it?).



  1. Seems like your blog is getting more popular. Congrats! You are so talented at crocheting! Kepp up the awesome work.

  2. Hey Alessandra! You have been so busy! Exactly when is the baby due? Are you ready??

  3. Hey Girl~
    That scarf you made is AMAZING!!! How do people come up with these cute ideas. Maybe you can make more like that and sell it. I'm in love with all the white scarves.
    Hope you continue to feel good!!
    Praying for you everyday :)


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