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Monday, January 12, 2009

What a good weekend...

On Saturday we finally went up North to visit a couple of friends that had a baby 3 months ago, it was a lot of fun to chat with them and to see their little bundle of joy - I wish I had taken a picture of little Brianna to post here, she's truly a cutie pie.

On Sunday we went to the movies to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and I got admit that I cried my heart out (well, I also must say that my pregnancy hormones are making me cry even watching TV commercials), what a great show! If you have a chance, go see it!

I also worked on some of my crochet projects, like the rag rug, which is still a work in progress, but getting close to an end...

... and this scarf, which I have submitted to Vanna's Choice contest along with some other projects.

The weekend is over, but I'm thrilled to say that I feel better! How do I know it? Because today I was very motivated, I cleaned up the house, did tons of laundry, and even did my nails (on my own!) following the advice that Amy gave me to pamper myself. Thank you Amy for everything!

Well, now I just hope to keep the good mood for the rest of the week... ;o)


  1. That rug looks great...and so does that scarf! I am really curious about this contest as to what they will pick as winners!!!

    Good to hear you are feeling good, sounds like you are preparing your nest for your little one!!

  2. Once again...you are amazing!!!
    The scarf is just adorable.
    Can't wait to get the stuff I ordered from your Etsy store. I will post pics when I get it!!
    Happy Tuesday!!

  3. Hi, Alessandra!
    Por que não comunicar na nossa língua?
    Obrigada por seguir o meu blog. Quando espera o seu bébé? As maiores felicidades! Um beijo grande.
    Paula (fiosefibras)

  4. Love the color combination in the scarf! Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Ugh I keep doing that....Bruce was signed in instead of me. Sorry about that.
    I do love the colors and I am still contemplating entering the contest myself. Good luck!

  6. I'm re-posting this message on your blog in response to your post on mine:

    My high school friend got married and moved to WA because her husband's parents lived that way and were sick. She only comes this way once a year because they have 4 babies now. But I mentioned you to her and I found out that you guys are like 30 minutes away. She lives in Tumwater/Olympia. If I'm ever that way....(gee the likely hood of that, slim to none). :-)

    Thanks for the craft ideas. I'll have to make my summer really productive!

  7. Beautiful scarf colors! Interesting stitch too!

    Good luck in the contest,


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