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Friday, February 27, 2009

Believe it or not...

If you tell you how my day went yesterday, you might not believe it, at times, I wonder if it was just a bad dream... By the end of my last post, I said that I didn't have much going on here, but it sure changed.

So, here is my story:

I finished a custom order for a hat, printed the label, closed the envelope and went outside to put the package inside of the mail box. Every time I go outside to the mail box, my little Jack Russel Terrier goes with me. Well, I was putting the package in the mailbox and the dog started barking and growling like crazy and rushed to my back yard, which was weird, because the gate on the side of the house was open... I started calling my dog, and she came out, but guess what... just after her, a man came out of my back yard too!!!

I was shocked! I asked him: "what are you doing there?" and he said: "I'm just looking" and I went: "Looking at what? You are holding my husband's stuff, drop it". He dropped my husband's stuff on the ground and started walking away, then I didn't know what to do... I thought I should knock on my neighbor's door, but when I ran on her concrete driveway, there was a big patch of moss on the ground, very slippery and I fell really hard.

My adrenaline kicked in, I got up, decided to get inside of my house(looked out from my kitchen glass door and notice that my shed's door was wide open), got my cell phone and ran out again - I was worried that if I stayed inside, someone would get back and I would be trapped, nobody would hear my if I yelled... so I thought I would be safer outside.

Called 911, the police took awhile to come, and they didn't let me hang up until the cop arrived... well, in the mean time, the lady that lives across the street came over and said that her daughter saw everything, followed the guy with a car, and got a police man and they caught him!!!

So, the cop that was at my house asked me if I could go with him to the station to recognize the guy, that was when I realized that I could not move... my groin bones got bruised with the fall, and I could not move at all. The ambulance came and picked me up, and took me to the hospital... and there I stayed for about 8 hours.

I am really sore, but most importantly my baby boy is doing well. Today, my husband took the day off from work, so I have him around, taking care of me, helping me get up and bringing me food in bed.

What a day!

Oh, I just can't finish this post without sharing with you that when I got back from the hospital, I had a nice surprise! The Brazilian applique onesie I ordered from a cute shop on etsy called OliveStreetStudio had arrived and also the adorable socks that look like sneakers, which I mentioned on a previous post. Here is a picture of my brand new baby items:


  1. wow!! that is terrible!! i'm sure going out to the mail box was because of me too!! uggg!!

    i'm so glad that you and the baby is doing o.k. and thank goodness they caught the guy.

    i just love the little onesies and socks. too cute!! :)

  2. OMG!!! I'm soooo sorry all that happened to you. Now that is s S****Y day. I'm truly, from the bottom of my heart, happy and relieved that you and that baby boy are ok. What he H**L was that guy thinking. I'm happy they got him but i sure wish that hadn't happened. I just gave you a HUGE hug!!!!


    ps now give your hubby a hug from me for staying home with you!!

  3. Dear Ale, what a story! Did you get a statement from the police about the guy? And what a great dog you have! He protected you because he heard something not normal! Hurray for Rabuda!

    I am so so glad you had your check up and that everything with the baby and you is fine. I hope your emotions are a little bit back to normal as well. A nice feeling to have Rob around for today and the weekend!

    Take care! X

  4. Oh my goodness! As I was reading your post, my eyes were wide open like when watching those intense movies. I am just thankful that you and the baby are okay and that the guy was caught. Thank goodness for your daring neighbor and that they are ok too.

    Now, please rest. :-)

  5. What a story! That was terrible, thank goodness you and the baby are OK

    ps: Yay! for the cute socks!

  6. Oh yeah, that onesie set is really cute!

  7. OH MY GOD!!! I am so relieved that you are alright, I mean, good grief you are SO lucky to be okay. Yikes!! Please take care, kudos to your great little dog!!

  8. Oh my god...reading your post sent chills up my spine. I'm SO glad you are OK - very scary. And VERY thankful your neighbor had the mindset to go after him.

    Thank you for posting the pic of the onesie! It looks cute with the little sneaker socks. :-)

  9. I am so glad you are okay!! My daughter was born the day after Christmas and about a week and a half before she was born, I walked out to get the mail and fell very hard on the ice. I had to go to the hospital too so they could monitor and check the baby. I did start contracting but they ended up stopping. Similar stories, but mine was minus the robber! So scary, yikes...

  10. I am so happy that baby and mom are safe. My blood pressure started to go up while reading this.
    I am not shocked however; I lived in Brooklyn and East Boston most of my life and there isn't much I haven't seen or heard. Today I live an hour and half from the city in a small town there isn't much crime but with the economy on a downward spiral and people getting desperate we all should beware! Keep your doors locked and don't leave anything outside or visible in your vehicle that someone may want to steal.

    Most crimes happen in our own homes. Did you see the elderly woman on inside addition with Deborah Norville (who has new yarn out I might add) 4 young guys broke in her house and she beat one up with a emril frying pan....her husband is a judge and emril is sending her a new set of pans.

    I am glad the hubster stayed home to care for you and the the soon to be born baby ...you need to be off your feet espeically if you have a bruised pelvis....well only 3 weeks left......whose know maybe the baby will come into the world on the first day of Spring...what a way to welcome better weather....!

    Again glad your safe.

  11. Oh Alessandra! how terrible! I am glad you and your baby is ok...

    the cheek of the guy... "just looking..."

    I want one of those dogs!!!!!!!!!!

    Sending hugs and kisses to you and your baby. How very nice of hubby to stay home to take care of you :D

  12. Hi there, glad to hear that you are both okay and well done your little doggie for alerting you to the fact that there was someone there who shouldn't have been. Good that they caught him too. Take care of yourself. Dev X

  13. This is absolutely insane! Im so glad everything is ok.

  14. OMG!!! I'm so glad you're okay! Thank goodness for little dogs...they are good alarms!


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