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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello there!
Not much going on around here... It could have been, but today I feel like I am dragging myself around, no energy to do anything. Well, just not to say I didn't do absolutely anything, I left the house and went to Costco, but that's pretty much about it.
Other than the procrastination, I made the sleeves for this cardi, and now I'm working on the motif row. This is not a hard pattern, it's just a little confusing and time consuming, but after I saw it on the dummie I started liking it, I wasn't sure until then...

More pictures to come...



  1. Hey now....Costco counts!! Have you seen how BIG that store is? It takes lots of work to get through all those samples. Then you have to decide what you need. I mean seriously, how many times have you come home with things you had no idea you needed? I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me.
    Sounds to me like you were quite the busy mommy to be!!!

  2. I know it will be gorgeous. Very light and airy! Perfect for spring. :-)

  3. This is going to be so pretty! I am looking forward to seeing it progress. Hope your energy picks up!

  4. You're probably just tired because you have a little one sharing your energy. :-) The thing about cold weather is that it's good for my allergies, but I don't like to be cold. I'm the one always wearing socks (and hats) to stay warm. but hey, that gives me an excuse to stay indoors and craft. lol

  5. Helloooo! Great what you made! I saw it also on flickr. First time you made something like this?

    I have a new blog address. There was a failure in my old one and I couldn't get it out. So there was nothing else to do than change it.

    Hope you are feeling fine! X

  6. ohh, i love what it is turning into!! it's going to be beautiful!

    i hope you feel a little better tomorrow. it's no fun towards the end.


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