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Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm back!

I could not resist... I had to come back to post the pictures of the crochet shrug that just got finished (like Dawn said to me yesterday, the crochet hook was smoking!). I'm sorry that the pictures are a little dark, but it's night time so the lighting isn't very good.

Detail: motif row and sleeves

Back view...

and the picket fence edges...

Is this really called a shrug? I'm having a hard time describing it...
What do you guys think?


  1. Oh my goodness.
    I can't believe you cranked that thing out in one day. You are amazing!

  2. I adore this! I think it's a short sleeved cardigan, not a shrug (shrugs are pretty much just sleeves, I think). Either way, it is gorgeous!

  3. I have to agree with thornberry; shrugs are cropped tops with sleeves. All the ones I've seen usually fall right beneath the bustline. I think this is more of a cardigan. Excellent work, my friend. You are truly amazing!

  4. Woah, so pretty! I've been wanting to make one of these cardigans for a long time but all the patterns I found were for knitters (and I'm a very bad one). Yours is truly inspiring :D

  5. WOW! You did have it smoking! It's gorgeous! I would love to get a hold of the pattern! I think I would call it a "Cardi" instead of a "Cardigan"! It is so cute!

  6. You did that in one day? I am amazed, good job. It is very lovely. Keep up the good work. TTFN

  7. I understand the limitations in writing in a language that is not native to you. You should see the letters I write to my friend in El Salvador. I try to write in Spanish in the simplest language because I don't know how to express it exactly like I wish. Like you said, "Oh well."

    When I get brave, in an effort to practice Spanish, I would like to make my other blog bilingual like Alhana did on hers: http://alhana-crochet.blogspot.com/.

  8. I haven't taken a sewing class. The lady who taught me to crochet also taught me sewing. All of these crafts take so much time to perfect it seems. So for now, I know enough to get by. My aunt, however, is the true seamstress. She teaches in the high school and every summer she makes all of her clothes for the upcoming year.

  9. I have two reasons for writing my blog in both languages: many Spaniards don't understand English (and I want them to be able to understand me) and there isn't any other way for me to practice and improve my English than using the net. But I've never tried to translate any pattern, too much difficult ;-)

    Anyway don't worry about your level, Libby, practice is the key!

  10. truly beautiful! fabulous work!!


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