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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've been busy and tired lately. Busy working on custom orders and tired, just tired... it doesn't matter if I do anything or not, I still get tired (what a big complainer!). My husband massages my back every night and applies Bengay - oh, I love it! :o)

Yesterday I made a couple of hats, the blue one for my nephew and the green one for my baby.

And today I started making some crochet roses for a Spring home ornament that I have in mind.

More pictures to come soon...



    The hats are just darling. Sure wish I knew you when my guy was younger.
    I know you are tired...that's ok and actually awesome. Your body is right on track. I sure wish I could give you a big fatty hug right now.
    Ok..I gave you an air hug...did ya get it??

  2. they are sooo nice!!!!! adorable!

  3. The hats are so cute!

    So, is the nursery ready? Do you have a particular theme or color scheme going on?

  4. Lovely new hats! You make me wish I had ANY yarn skills:-)

  5. Love the little hats!!! And can't wait to see what you do with those little flowers. So tired, and you still get all this crochet done! It won't be long until the little one is here. I hope you post pictures!

  6. the hats are just too cute!! your little guy will look adorable in it too.

    it's no fun the last few weeks. i think our bodyies need to get use to being tired before we have the little ones so our bodies don't go into shock when we are up lots in the night with the baby.


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