Just Be Happy

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a quick post to show you the little vest made by my mom that I used as an inspiration for last post's shrug.


  1. Oh that IS so adorable. Look at that rich color too. Surprisingly it's still a popular color choice now! Impressive. :-)

  2. SOOOO sweet.
    You are lucky to be born with the creative gene. It seems that all teh women in your family are inspiring.

  3. Love that color! Im glad you saved that!!

  4. i love it!! the color is so bright and cheery too.

    have you done any kid hats with the brims? i bought a pattern off etsy when i was going to learn to crochet to do for my girls but then decided i wanted to learn to knit, and then went out and bought some beanie hat books. if i emailed you the pattern could you make a couple for my girls? just another idea? i'll try the alchemy for the knit one i want from my book for my little guy.

  5. i tried the alchemy and i can't believe the response i've gotten on the baby beanie hats! :) thanks so much for suggesting that.

    my email is gymbocrazymama at hotmail dot com if you want to email me the price and then i can email you back the pattern. it is such a cute little hat and has a sweet crocheted flower on it too. we can talk more details. :)


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