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Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have decided to share some pictures of the nursery. As I have said here before, we live in a small house, so don't be surprised.

My hubby painted the room, put the shelf up, also painted the wood letters, installed the chair, and hang all the frames on the wall... well, he did lots more, just so you know... ;o)

*Can you believe this dog??? Every time I get my camera she follows me around, I guess she really likes having her picture taken! lol

Hammock chair we bought in Brazil during our honeymoon - I think this is the perfect rocking chair!

(The frames on the wall and the borders of the closet curtain were painted by me.)

Baby crib and the three cross-stitched fish frames that I made for the room:

What do you think?


  1. first things first...i didn't know his name is Lucas...what a beautiful name. :)
    I love the room. It is a perfect nursery.
    the swing...do i need to say more...you are brilliant.
    thanks so much for the pics. i love seeing this...and i mean LOVE!!!
    continue to feel good.
    i'm giving you a virtual hug right now. i'm so happy for you~

  2. It's really lovely, what else can I say! Everything looks perfect: the hammock, the carpet, the clothes on the crib... I love how you combined white and blue. Also nice name for the baby. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing with us :-)

  3. Your room looks perfect! So cheerful and warm--the perfect place for your little one to feel right at home ;-)

  4. the room is darling!! love the blue and green. i think i now know what i want to make for your little guy.

    i also think lucas was a great choice! :)

  5. Oh this is so gorgeous! Little room, what??? I wouldn't have guessed because you've done so much. I love the hammock. I love the color scheme. And I know that you and your hubby love it too and that will make your little one feel swallowed up in L-O-V-E as well.

    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Just left a comment when I got an error.... Let me think about what I wrote...

    The two of you made a really nice bedroom for your son. Lucas, everything is ready for you! We hardly can wait to see you!

    By the way..did you get my note through skype?

    Have a nice day (and weekend). X

  7. baby crazy is perfect, awesome and just darn exciting!

  8. Awe very sweet. You are so pretty. You are young to.
    Awe to be young again. I am going to be 50 April 25th.

    I am having my party at Chuck E Cheese...LOL Robin

  9. Hey what do you need for the sweet babe....Do you know if its a boy or girl.........Robin Your new friend from etsy

  10. I think you did a wonderful job!my best wishes for you, I'll be praying for you and your baby! LOL! I showed the photos to my husband and he had THE LOOK... he wants another baby, I can tell! lol! Love the name as well. My mother was born on St. Lucas day (October 18th) and I want to name my boy (if I ever have one) Lucas or Joshua!!!!

    Did I tell you already that I love the nursery?

  11. I love the room and the swing is fabulous!


  12. very cute nursery, ikea is the best, our daughter has an ikea room too. Thank you for sharing


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