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Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh boy, I had a really frustrating morning today. I got up early, had an appointment scheduled for 9 am, got there with some time to spare because I just hate being late. Anyways, at 10 am I got up and went to the front desk to find out what was going on that I hadn't been called in yet... the secretary looked at me very surprised, 5 minutes after that I was in the room.

What really made me upset isn't the fact that they were late, but the fact that...
...nobody explained me anything;
...people that arrived to the office much later than I did, left before me;
...they put me with a different nurse than the one I usually see and they tell me why;
...once I was in the room nobody apologized for the delay;
I know I might be more sensitive these days, but am I wrong to be upset about what happened today??

Oh, wait! Do you think that was all? Nope! When my appointment was over, I went back to the front desk to schedule an ultrasound, and the secretary said she couldn't make an appointment for me to see the doctor and have the ultrasound done on the same day... so I have to go one day for the ultrasound and on the next morning to see the doctor... arrrghhh. On my way home, I was so frustrated that I cried, with all my heart. (I'm sorry guys, but I needed to let it out!)

Well, hubby spoke with me on the phone after I got home, and was trying so hard to make me happy, supporting me and listening to all my complaints - I feel really lucky to have him.

I must say that the day wasn't all bad though, because a little while ago the mail man dropped off some goodies that put a smile on my face, they came from the etsy shop owners that donated items for the baby shower. Thank you Holland Handicrafts for the adorable booties, Hannah for the lovely hat and Zadyball for the cutest toy ever, you guys rock!

And here is a picture of something I worked on yesterday... I don't want to show the whole thing yet, because it's my etsy shop Spring/Summer collection. What do you think??



  1. I'm soooo verrry sorry you had such a bad morning. I don't know what the deal is with doctors office but it is weird....they all run their offices the same way. FRUSTRATING!!
    You must have a very sweet hubby. Just grab that cute dog, take a deep breath and know that tomorrow in a new day. Today is tomorrow's yesterday. YEAH!!!!!
    PS. Can't wait to see all your spring stuff :)

  2. Oh...those dr. offices can cause a lot of stress! So sorry you had to endure that!

    Love your new spring item...crochet and beads! Love the combination!

    Glad your smiling once again, after all you are "Just be Happy"!


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  4. I'll just post here - posted by mistake under my hubby's name - oops!

    Anyway, I'm very glad you like the hat, and I hope to see pics of your little one wearing it!

    Best, Hannah
    p.s. I like what you're doing for spring. reminds me of pomegranate seeds - lovely!

  5. Sometimes you just have to let it out. Then you remember your motto: "Just Be Happy." Aren't hormones out of this world! lol

    Glad that you got your little baby items. Such a great topper to a wacko morning! :-)

  6. So glad our little gifts were able to help cheer you up! thanks for adding a link to my shop here on your blog. Do not worry about the hormones too much, they don't last forever. I promise! 8-)

  7. Dr's offices can be stressful at times! I love the new spring stuff...camt wait to see it. Do you sell alot on Etsy?

  8. The yarn store in your area should give you a buyer's discount card. :-)


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