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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh, I'm sore. I am must admit I'm a goof ball, to say the least.
The reason I am saying that is because today I started washing and ironing all the baby's things.
I washed 4 loads of baby clothes, blankets, sheets, etc and ironed 2 of them. I would still be ironing, if my back and right leg weren't killing me.
Before I started I told my husband "well, today I am just going to wash some of the stuff, so I don't get too tired". Have you heard that expression "do what I say, don't do what I do" - that fits me perfectly.
Sore and tired, but happy that the clothes smell nice and that soon I'll pack the baby's hospital bag - mine is already packed. Anxious, who is anxious?
Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my sister has bought her tickets to come visit and help me with the baby - I'm stoked!!! My mom passed away from cancer, when I was 8 years old, so my sister pretty much raised me, and I love her so much for that and for everything she has ever done for me. She is a mom, a friend and a sister, all in one.
And last, but not least a picture of the last gift from the virtual baby shower, it arrived here today. It's an adorable baby wipe case from Blissy By Brittany:

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I am happy for you that your sister is coming! I know that means a lot to you! Now you can share all those first moments together! GREAT! X

  2. Even though you are sore, I bet it makes your heart glad that the baby's things are washed, smell great, and ready for the packing. I am so glad that your sister will be able to visit and help you. I know that your heart will leap for joy just to have someone so near and dear (besides your husband) close by for a change. Have a great day! :-)

  3. Oh, you will have some great "sister time"! So happy for you! I am curious about this virtual baby shower, sounds interesting. I have never heard of such a thing!

    Hope the back eases up on you!


  4. Wow! You got some great stuff from the virtual baby shower! You are making some fun stuff. Thanks for the info on ETSY. Im so gladthat your sister is comign to help. That will make you feel good.

  5. Alessandra, I am happy you think my skirt is going to turn out! I sure was undecisive on my square, but now I do like it! I think you need one for when you come out of the maternity wear!

    Lil' Phoebe is two years. She is starting to lose that "puppy-ness"!

  6. That yarn is Red Heart Soft Yarn. I don't still have the wrapper to tell you the specific color.

  7. It touched my heart to hear you speak of the special relationship that you share with your older sister, because I too experienced it. We lost our mother when I was 3, my older sister was 9. Blessings be with you & your family as you prepare for your son! Be sure to let me know when you go to the hospital!


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