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Sunday, February 22, 2009

On my wedding day I received the best gift I could ever wish for: a box from my sister filled with my childhood memorabilia. She had saved several outfits that I had as baby and some others I had as a kid that were embellished by my mom.

I feel really blessed that most of the outfits are in really good shape, some like the little orange sac just needed a little hand work and it's now in good condition again.

The sac had one strap missing, originally they were orange and knitted, like the rest of the sac, but I am not a knitter nor I found an orange yarn to match the rest of the piece perfectly. So, I did some thinking and decided to crochet white straps, that in my opinion go well with the white spots of the sac design.

Now I just need to wash it, and this is ready to put my little baby in! :o)



  1. Such a sentimental piece! Your sister is so thoughtful! :-)

  2. Cute and I think the crochet straps look great. Wow less than a month and the baby will be here.

    As for the fringe on my mom's shawl I don't think I will add it; it is already heavy enough.

    My babies are 22 and 20. Tom and I have 4 children between us his children from his first marriage are 29 and 32 and his daughter the younger just had a baby boy this past November he is 3 months.

    Your in my prays; I lost my first baby, a girl, she was delivered c-section a still born, cord around her neck. My brother and his wife also lost their son at 6 weeks born with this intestines on the outside..so we buried two babies that year and it was very hard on everyone. My parents especially the two of them crawled into bed and held each other for 3 days.

    Loss is one of the most difficult things we as human beings deal with and I am sure your close friends and family all love you and understand when you have moments of tears.

    You are in my prays and by the way the babies bed room looks amazing; your hubbie and you did a great job.

    gloria hooking and cooking in MA

  3. That is adorable. I love the orange color and the little cardigan for underneath. Will be snuggly and warm.

  4. It's funny...my sister did the same thing with me. I treasure all my treasures.
    just want you to know how much I appreciate all the support you have given my. I'm lucky to call you my friend.
    good luck on my giveaway. you are in the $100 pile~

  5. How cute! And your crocheted straps look perfet with it!

  6. That is adorable~! I'm just loving your blog this morning :)


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