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Monday, February 23, 2009

Recycling is great!

In Brazil the milk cartons are the same size as the chicken/beef broth cartons here in the US, and that is what I used to build a little house for my nephew, that at the time was 2 years old - he is 6 now.

About 200 boxes later, lots (I mean lots!) of hot glue, some oil based paint (each side of the house was painted in a different color) and a hours of work, the little house was made.

Sometimes I can't help but wonder what kind of things I will make for my kid...

Great news!

After this post was already written I received a message that I won the giveaway that Amy at The Maisy Report put together. I couldn't be happier, thank you so much Amy for your kindness!!!


  1. I can only say WOW!

    Love your Topiary...looks so easter and springy!!!!

  2. wow...the carton house is so cool.

  3. 1st off...is it only 23 days til the baby comes?? WOW! Making things for your kids is alot of fun...especially when they end up liking them. :)

  4. This is a cool house! You are super creative.

    Congratulations on your win!

  5. I do LOVE the tissue holder. Such a pleasant surprise. :-) Thanks for asking about my dad. He is getting better. :-)

  6. That little house is too cool!!! Wish I were a kid again!

  7. I'll post this comment in my blog and yours too, but I have an Ikeep bookmarks account. It's a free account where you can upload your bookmarks so that you can access them from any computer. I am in the process of transferring my pattern links there so that I can clean up and organize my bookmark menu. When I finish I'll send you the link so that you can use whatever you find in there.

  8. BTW, what kind of sewing machine do you have?

  9. It looked like you used a Serger. That's why I asked. Great sewing. My aunt is a true seamstress and I love it when she uses her Serger because it makes all of the clothes look so professionally done. I love the tissue holder.

  10. oh my, what a fun little house you made for your nephew. can't wait to see what you create for your little guy! :)

    yippee for you on winning a giveaway!! i'm also doing one this week, a japanese charm pack. you'll have to go enter, you never know it might be your lucky week! :)

  11. THAT is awesome! So cool! What an incredible idea. Go you for reusing :)

    This just got my creative juices flowing ... :)


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