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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tacoma Visitor Guide

Today I went to the Tacoma Visitors Bureau website and started checking out the visitor guide, and for my surprise I found 2 of my pictures published there!!! Can you just believe that???

The first picture was taken at a gift shop at Freighthouse Square, which was one day a warehouse for the train station, but these days the place is like a little mall, but filled with especialty shops, art and good food. The second picture (the one that has the yellow car), I took one day when I went for a walk in downtown Tacoma, by the antique stores.

I'm just thrilled that I had pictures published in the city's guide for two years in a row!!!

Just for the record, I don't even have a fancy camera - but I sure love taking pictures!!

If you want to see the pictures, click here and type my name (Alessandra Hayden) on the search, that way the two pictures will pop up quickly.

Please, let me know what you think!


  1. you rock girl! Wow, you are good with yarn and with a lens too! :D

    Have a nice Sunday! how's the baby behaving?

  2. Kudos to you! It must be a nice feeling to see your work in print!

  3. I like the picture with the yellow car in front!

  4. Those are great pictures! My husband finds his flick pictures at different websites alot. Thats kind of fun!!


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