Just Be Happy

Friday, February 6, 2009

Yesterday I got another gift from the virtual baby shower I participated awhile ago on etsy's website, this time it came from Karen, a beautiful set of coordinating sponge and wash cloth, made with soft cotton yarn - thank you so much, I really like it!

I also stopped working on the Spring/Summer shrug to finish a dog sweater custom order, that I almost messed up... I thought the order was for 4 sweaters, but it was for 9, which is great! But, my etsy shop had no pet sweater left, so I also made an extra one to list, here it is:

Anyhow, besides all the crocheting, I've been good and happy, a little tired, but good.



  1. Getting an order for 9 of anything from your shop has got to be a great feeling! I'm sure the new owners will be pleased in your craftsmanship. :-)

    Thanks for the comment about the patterns. I'm determined to not let reading patterns deter me from crafting. That's why I keep choosing different things to make from patterns. I walked in the door at home just now smiling because I was thinking of that beenie cap. Oh no, I might be addicted. :-)

  2. I just think your dog is a SUPER MODEL! Realllly cute.
    Congrats on the order.
    Happy to hear you are feeling good.....LOVE IT!!!!
    Enjoy your weekend!!
    Lots of prayers still coming your way from Winfield, Illinois!


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