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Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am starting to get the crochet itch, just haven't found time to actually start any projects yet, but as soon as I can I'll try out CT's hat pattern. I did finally find a little time to take pictures of the rest of the crochet necklaces I had made - woo hoo! (pictured bellow)

Life is great, I can't complain, but I must say that having a newborn baby is harder and more nerve wracking than I had expected... I sleep with one eye open at night, because I am afraid that he might choke or something...

My sister is leaving on Thursday, I'm already sad just thinking about it! I know I will be able manage things, but it has been so nice having her around - that is the down side of marring someone from a different country, leaving your family behind is not an easy task, at least not for me.

Anyways... let me stop thinking like that and just enjoy the moment.

Have a great week everyone!!!


  1. The necklaces look very hip and trendy! I dont blame you for already missing your sister...that is soo normal! I cant wait to see more pictures of your new baby boy. :)

  2. It is same for every mother in the whole wide world so remember that you are not alone. I waited 15 years for my gorgeous girl and when she came I had no idea how to look after her. I didn't know how to change a nappy/diaper, I didn't know how to interact with her, play with her even. There is no manual to tell you everything you want to know, like why does she keep crying, even though she is clean, dry, fed, cuddled etc? You just take each day as it comes, each event as it happens and store away the memories, good and bad, because one day they have a mind of their own and they can answer back! I am sure that you will be a wonderful mother. Dev X

  3. Love the pink necklace, Just take one day at a time, it all goes by so quick!

  4. You'll do fine with the baby. :)

    I love the necklaces and have convo'ed you on one over at Etsy.

    Have a great day!

  5. The Fairy Glade speaks with such wisdom. You will be a wonderful mother! :-)

    In response to my blog:

    Thanks, Alessandra! I had some of this food for lunch today and it was delicious. I was scraping my bowl! The soup tastes better today than it did last night when I first tasted it. I did add a little more cumin, ground cayenne, and although the recipe didn't call for it - a little chili powder. It wasn't spicy though, just flavorful IMO. :-)

  6. i love the necklaces!!

    it is so hard having family away. my mom doesn't live close by for the first time, and it has been such an ajustment. how great though, that your sister was able to stay for awhile.


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