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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Busy Bee

I can't get over the fact that time is flying by here lately, during pregnancy I felt like I was stuck in time, but now it's seems like it's going faster than ever!

Lucas is a month old now, and I must say I'm getting more confident, in the first three weeks I was terrified - it's so much responsibility having a life that is completely dependent of you. On the other hand, I'm extremely happy, even in the middle of the night when I get up to nurse him, so tired that feels like I have sand on my eyes - I'm still happy, it's so worth it!

Anyways, let me show you guys some of pictures of the craft projects I worked on this week, a little here and there... :o)

Finished the crochet edges of the flannel baby blankets...

Tested CT's hat pattern...

Made a ruffled scarf using mohair yarn...

Made a black crochet necklace with buttons for my etsy shop...

And last but not least, I made these Oreo cookie pops for the kids (well maybe adults too!), that will be at Easter dinner that we'll go to - I'm excited to see if they'll like it (me and my husband love it! LOL).

If you would like to make some too, you can find wonderful instructions by clicking here.

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´✻ Happy Easter!


  1. My goodness, you have been a busy bee! I'm so glad that you're finding your motherhood rhythm. We knew you would. :-D

    I would love to learn to make those edgings for blankets too. I saw your monkey and elephant print online at Joann's. There was a sale. Maybe I'll be able to get to a real store over my break.

    Those Oreo pops looks delish!!! Yumm-O. Thanks for the link.

    Happy Easter, my friend. :-)

  2. Holy cow!! I'm in awe of all you got done..."You are the Bomb!" as Ryan would say to me. Happy Easter!

  3. How do you manage to do so many things? I'm amazed.

    The blankets are very beautiful and the oreo pops! I have no words for them :-D

    Happy Easter!

  4. Happy Easter to you too, I can't believe Lucas is a month old, time is whizzing. Super cute blankets

  5. LOVE how the oreo cookies look!!!!! For a mom of a one month old baby, I must say WOW!!!! you get such a tremendous ammount of stuff done!!!
    My hat's off to you, girl!
    Oh, Happy (belated) Easter!

  6. oh, my!! you have been busy!! and, i love them all!! the scarf looks so soft, and those oreo pops, i'm sure are sooo yummy!!


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