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Thursday, April 2, 2009

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but Mr. Cute Little Booties has been keeping me super busy. I'm getting pretty good at doing things with one hand (while the other one is busy holding the baby), like eating, typing... now I just need to develop a way to crochet like that... LOL

Also, I would like to thank you all for the wonderful recipes, I have already tried one, the Chicken Cordon Bleu that Jennifer suggested, but that's all I have done until now. Yesterday we had pizza (that's my hubby coming up with something for us to eat... hehehe), because I had a crying baby in my arms all day (and night!), so no time to cook, but after a visit to the doctor (we had some bumps along the way) things seem to be better to day - I'm knocking on wood!

Hope you are all doing great.

P.S: I'm still thinking what to give on my giveaway, so stay tuned. ;o)


  1. you are doing great. love the booties. so cute.
    sorry i haven't been around much.
    i just need a bit of a break~

  2. I would love to e-mail you but I don't have your Addy. I looked all over your blog for it, but you must remember I am not to good at the computer, yet. can you leave it in comments on my blog, You know what just e-mail me at somethingshinny@yahoo.com. How's that? :)

  3. oooh! those booties are so cute!!!
    Isn't it wonderful how you develop habilities you never would have dreamed you would use???? wait till your fingers have the hability of holding a wet, squirmy, strong nine month old while he's taking a bath!!!!!!! Say hi to dear little Lucas for me!

  4. It won't be long before Lucas can be in a baby bjorn and then you will have both hands free, but when I am trying to do anything on the computer during the day Orla (2) is all over me. You just learn to type with one finger or really fast. Your bootie are quite cute!

  5. The booties are cute! Yep, one day we might just hear that Lucas is cuddled in some Maya wrap or sling and you're crocheting or cooking away! :-D

  6. I did have so much fun. About the yarn - you'll just have to wait. lol

  7. I hope the Chicken Cordon Bleu was tasty! I'm gearing up for making more tomorrow morning before Ryan wakes up.

    FWIW- She turned into a constant cryer at 3 weeks and lasted through 8 weeks. I tried what is a UK remedy that has made its way across the pond, "Gripe Water" - it really settled her and let her burp alot easier.

    Going to check out your new listings!

  8. Very cute baby feet! I was so good at only using one hand until Korby was 2. She always wanted to held & I loved holding her. I couldnt do that now to save my life.

  9. Cute booties! I'm glad to hear you're doing well :-)


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