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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Inside and Out

Spring is here, finally!

The weather has been beautiful and even though I haven't been going out much, I have been enjoying having the sun light shining through the windows, it brings a nice feeling, it makes me happy.

I gotta say, I don't really have a green thumb, my gardening skills are limited, of course I could get better at it if I applied myseld, but that's not my thing. I love flowers, but taking care of them it's a different story...

It's so nice to look out of the window and see the apple trees, they are so beautiful, wouldn't you agree?

Well, I had to show you guys my African violets, they are the only plants that I seem to survive here, and they are gorgeous right now, I have 4 of them and they all have gorgeous flowers - yay!

And ta-dah, I finished my table runner!!! I don't know what happened to my measurements, but I made it long... LOL, but I like it anyways. What do you think?


  1. The table runner is gorgeous! Now wasn't it just the other day when you were wondering when you'd finish this project? lol It's gorgeous - and so are your violets. :-)

  2. Lovely table runner, I particulalry like the colours you have chosen. Wish my kitchen was that tidy!! Hoping to have another go with my ripple pattern at the weekend when I have more time to sit and concentrate properly. Dev X

  3. Hello Alessandra - you have such a lovely name.
    I will definitely come and visit your blog often
    Your flower photo's are lovely.Hope you and your family have a super weekend

  4. The table runner looks great and I love your violets. Enjoy the weather and the weekend!

  5. Wow! the table runner turned out so cool! I like that it ran so much it fell off the sides of the table (excuse my lame joke!)

    mmmmm I beg to differ with you about the green thumb... you must have it, because I cannot coax violets to thrive in my house! I mean, my aunt just chops off a leave, sticks it in a pot and voila! there's another gorgeous violet!
    I love the view of the apple tree!

  6. Gorgeous table runner. It's so simple and elegant!

  7. Violets where my grandmother's favorite (she helped raise me) I use to get her violets every mother's day....!

    I knew you'd have that table runner finished in no time...and I love it....you've inspired me to make some placemats for my mother's day brunch...!

    Wishing you and your family a lovely weekend...go for a walk with the baby carriage.

    Today it was 70 here in Boston that's consider a high temp for us.
    Oh how I long to move somewhere warmer......!

  8. Beautiful African violets! I can't seem to get mine to flower anymore. I am hopeless. Beautiful table runner as well!

  9. The table runner is wonderful, I love how flows off the side of the table. The flower pics are beautiful. So how do you add a link to someone's shop in a blog post?

  10. Hi Sandra:

    I love the heat. I am half columbian and my 1st husband Puerto Rican, every year we went to Puerto Rico for 3 months to visit family and I never wanted to leave......My mother in law (mommy) I miss her so! I am also Italian, my mom is from Naples, Italy and the second time around I married an Italian man, I love having two cultures.

  11. tada is right! Your runner looks great, and the runner looks great!!! I am wanting to make another...a future project!


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