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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's day was going well - hubby cooked breakfast, took care of the baby in the morning so I could sleep in, went shopping with me (Costco shopping... LOL), until my little guy started throwing up, the poor little guy wasn't feeling good at all. We called his pediatrician who told us we should take him to the hospital if he vomited again after feeding. Guess what? Yes, we had to go to the hospital, and stayed there until 2 am. Fortunately after the nausea medicine he started holding his food again, and woke up at 3 and then 5:30 to feed... Can you imagine me looking like a zombie this morning?
Today he is better, he seems to be a little bit under the weather (wants to be held all the time), but much better. :o)
Now, moving on...
I don't even know why I took this picture, I guess it's because I absolutely love my new socks! As you know by now, I really love bright colors!

My friend Libby sent me a invitation to join the May Crochet Along on ralvery, so I did. The project chosen is a weaven hotpad, and here are a couple of pictures of the one I made:

That's all for now. :o)


  1. Ooooo poor Lucas! I think Ryan was 7 months old when she had her first bug that caused vomiting. It was a horrible experience for us and we too ended up in the emergency room. The doc said babies tend to vomit more bc of blood sugar....so when it first happens, the BS level drops and causes more vomiting (as their systems mature this doesn't happen). I was happy she only felt like crap for a day. It is scary, isn't it??

    Socks- I LOVE those cozies! I have 3 pairs myself. and great trivet - you really are so talented! Have a great Tuesday.

  2. Sorry to hear about your little guy.

    The socks are awesome!

  3. Poor little Lucas! My own just gave me a fright a few days ago, because both started vomiting (you know, with the H1N1 hitting my hometown finally, I was scared silly) but both are better now, only with all the stress, I'm the one that is a mess right now!!!!!!!!

    Alessandra, I hope you get some rest today so you can recover!!!!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes! We did a bbq for him, hehe! Not common here but it was fun doing it. Invited my parents and my brothers family. Had a great time and Moos got some nice presents!
    Take care!

  5. I'm glad the little one is feeling better. I often wonder what babies are thinking when all these things happen to them. ???

    Your trivet is beautiful and it inspired me to go ahead and make mine too. :-)

  6. Im glad the baby is feeling better and that you had a nice Mother's Day. That trivet is beautiful!

  7. what a bummer of a day! glad he is feeling better....
    hope you have a better day today...

  8. I hope little Lucas is doing much better. When my little ones were under the weather I always seemed to think it was worse on me. Worry wart.

    Love the hot pad. Maybe one day I will make new ones for myself. I need them. :)

  9. Poor little fella! I am glad to hear he is feeling better. I love that hotpad...just don't know how you have time to do all that you do....I am in awe!

  10. Adoro esta base para tachos, como lhe chamamos por aqui. Está linda!
    Quanto talento!
    Ana Paula


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