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Sunday, May 31, 2009

My stash

I've been asked before about my yarn stash and had promised to post pictures of it to show you guys what it looks like. Well, today I finally got around to doing that, and I'm sure some of you will be surprised to learn how little my stash is.
The thing is, I just purchase the yarn that I need, I don't usually buy if I don't have a project in mind, with the exception of when I go to Brazil. then I buy some to bring back with me, since that's pretty much the only chance I have.
So here is a picture of my yarn stash:

And here my crochet thread stash:

*Note: I usually bring back 100% cotton crochet threads from Brazil, not wool or any other type of warm fiber, Brazil is tropical, so it seems to me that there are much more cotton threads and yarns available. Oh, and variety of thread colors is absolutely fabulous there!
** Note 2: I'm really running low on Brazilian threads now and have had to purchase some from here.


  1. nice little stash! I have a sligthly bigger one, but the colors you have for your crochet stash are making me green with envy! you'd think Mexico being so warm there would be oodles of cotton yarn. Nope. Very little to choose from. Or I have to travel to big cities to buy ! :P Acrylic, acrylic, acrylic... hehehe! thanks for the photos!

  2. How ironic, I have been organizing my stash all afternoon. I am ashamed to say that my stash reaches far and wide and I must stop buying yarn and use what I have. I also put most of my scrapbooking supplies in a box to give to the womans shelter. There was a request for craft items and I honestly never got into scrapbooking however I did keep the some of the paper and embellishments I bought for cookbook project and now I am going to use for the 30-meal recipie cards. Thanks for sharing that great idea.

  3. you are so lucky, to be so diligent, I am much better now, but if I would see a sale I would go crazy, and I have projects in mind but just do not have time.

  4. I like how neat your stash is. I think I purchase more because there are no yarn shops around here and I don't travel to the big cities that often. I still have great aims of destashing, especially this summer, but uh hum, since I've met you guys the projects I'd like to try keep on multiplying.... :-)

    Is there something unique about Brazilian yarn or does it just remind you of home?

  5. I commend you! I'd be embarrassedto show what fabric I have. I have vowed to start using it for projects instead of buying what I "love" when I see it.


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