Just Be Happy

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today me, my husband and our baby went to the farmers market and it was oh so nice!

The smell of the fresh herbs, fruits, flowers... I just couldn't resist, I had to get some.

And after all that walk, some watermelon to cool down... yum!

What a lovely day!


  1. Yummy watermelon, I so enjoy farmer's markets.

  2. Oh, I know you had a great day. Fresh herbs...ooh...

    * I tried making a Brazilian dish earlier - Canjica. Very good. I finally found the dry hominy. :-)

  3. Your flowers are soooo pretty. I love the vase you put them in.
    Yummy, Yummy watermelon. I bought one the other day. I got a quick smack in the face that it's not watermelon season here in Chicago yet. It was yucky!!
    Happy Sunday girl. Wish I could go to the market with you.


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