Just Be Happy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yesterday I took the little one to get his immunization shots, as a result I had a fussy baby, a messy house, and no time to crochet at all. Today he was still fussy in the morning, but better in the afternoon, so I took advantage of it and did some much needed cleaning, cooked dinner for my hubby and I, and started a new crochet t-shirt rug, but this time I'm making it round.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to take pictures of the rug, so I just have this black and white scarf that I made on Mother's day (before the baby got sick). It's a simple V stitch scarf, light weight and soft.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. This is beautiful. Such nice sparkly yarn. Now, is this one scarf or two?

  2. Oh, the fussy-baby shots. Always happens. BTW, did you see teh alchemy request for a crochter to help fix the 100-YO blanket??

  3. poor little guy...i hate those shots.

  4. I certainly remember those days. Thank God they only get their shots every few months! I wore the beautiful turqoise scarf that I bought from you last Christmas, I love it, it's one of my favorits. Do you think it would be possible to make one in pink & gray tones? Elizabeth


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