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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Crochet Updates

I would like to start this post showing you guys the yarn I received from Gwen. I think, well, I am pretty positive that she sent me more yarn than I had in my whole stash! Now I'm desperate to start making new things!

But before I start something new I need to finish some projects that have deadlines to be met, thank goodness I'm on the right track!

I finished this ruffled scarf for a customer, it's made with Sensations Angel Hair yarn, it's super soft, perfect for when it's cold outside.

I also made some crochet necklaces that are going to West Virginia. A very nice friend of mine just opened a little shop and asked me to send her some necklaces - I hope they sell like hot cakes!

P.S: This picture of the necklaces was taken on Sunday just after I got home from Starbucks to get a frapuccino and it was meant to be posted then, but I just didn't get around it.

And this is what I'm working on today:

It's a cross body bag, that I'm making with 100% wool and will later be felted, this is also for a customer and I'm glad that it hasn't been very hot in the last few days or it would be a challenge to work with wool!


  1. Oh what a pleasant surprise! I know you'll craft some beautiful things with that yarn. Hope your necklaces do sell like hot cakes. :-)

  2. You have been so busy!! That box of yarn makes me drool!! I can see granny squares with it. :-D

  3. LOL! That first photo is mouthwatering... made me reach for my needles and my hooks!!!

    And I'm sure you'll soon be overwhelmed by the stuff you'll be asked to make!!! congrats!!!

  4. Love all of that yarn! Your necklaces are gorgeous!!

  5. hasn't been very hot?! it has been near 100 here all week...count your blessings :)
    hope your necklaces sell well in the new shop...they are great~ people!
    have a wonderful day

  6. I LOVE LOVE the ruffled scarf - lovely yarn.

    BTW- Did you hear Michael Jackson died today?? I JUST FOUND OUT as I was writing this comment - I'm Shocked!!

    BTW- I TAGGED you on my blog, if you feel like doing one. :-)

  7. I have enjoyed seeing all of your projects. I love those necklaces! Very creative! I will be back. Have a great day! Liz


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