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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I wish I could start this post with a picture of a finished messenger bag, but I don't... why? because I am not quite there yet... however I am still working on it, a little bit here and there...

And again, I take breaks and work on different projects. The latest things I have made are these scarves that I call "patchwork" even though they were made with scraps of yarn, I think patchwork suits them more... the only problem with these scarves is that they make you addicted to them! I am already working on the third one and I am kinda sad that my scraps are almost over.

My little stash is even littler now after these puppies... LOL. Okay, Okay you must be thinking that I am crazy for making scarves when Summer is around the corner, but I am already thinking about Fall/Winter and the November fair where I will sell my work, since my mother-in-law offered me a piece of her booth for free - yay!

And last, but not least I made this green V-stitch scarf for Operation Gratitude, this was an initiative of Kristin, the administrator of the etsy team CreateCrochet . If you are a crocheter you can help too, just follow this link.



  1. cute scarves! and i love your new avitar...so sweet. :)

  2. I thought you were stash busting!!! Ok, what crafts does your mother-in-law do? I know she sews b/c you mentioned she had a Serger. Loving the messenger bag. It's coming along nicely, but is the nylon killing your hands?

  3. Very cool and crafty! A+ +

    Have a great day!

  4. It's hard when you're working on something that seems it's not making progress. Your patchwork scarves are beautiful & colourful -a good change from plain black. I'll have to stop crocheting soon, the weather is very hot here :-(

  5. Yes, I plan on taking a short break to rest my hand and do some cleaning, then I'll be back!

    I L-O-V-E your new profile pic! :-)

  6. Cool! I especialy love the funky colours of the second one! That is so up my alley!


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