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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm in love!

Yes, that is right! I'm love with Adam & Ziege's pieces. Why? Because they are so cute and funny that they make me smile. Note: I'm still in love with Fiestware, I just have one more love in my life... LOL

Look at this toothpick holder!!! Doesn't it make you smile too?

Oh boy, and look this Salt or Pepper shaker! This is just a sample, they have a huge variety of stuff available on their website.

Unfortunately I don't have any of Adam & Ziege's pieces, they are German artists and the shipping to the US is just ridiculous! I even looked on ebay, but there weren't any available to ship from the US, most of them were in UK... oh well... I'll keep those cute little things in mind, one day when I win the lotto I'll get a whole bunch of them, for the time being, I'll just look at their pictures and smile.
Have an awesome weekend. Cheers!


  1. If they were plush, I'd hug them to pieces! they are so cute!!!

  2. Fun cute pieces, and I am serious about the yarn stash, just send me a message on Facebook.

  3. Hi is cute! I love fiesta too. I have lots of red going on in the kitchen...!

  4. Those are the cutest! They would make me happy just looking at them. And the colors are wonderful! Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. OH MY SOUL! That sea lion is the cutest thing ever! My son lives in Germany. Hmmmmm.......


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