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Saturday, July 11, 2009

I found a recipe for this pepperoni bread here and simply couldn't wait to try it and I'm glad I did, it turned out so good that I'm looking forward to making some more!

I also have been "bluing" my white clothes, to make them look crispy white. My mom used to do that (our clothes always looked impeccable!), so when I saw Mrs. Stewart's blue liquid at the grocery store I didn't have to think much before grabbing it and putting it in my shopping cart. I'm pleased not only because of the results, but because Mrs. Stewart's product is non-toxic and much more Eco-friendly that bleach.

And on the crafting side of life, I finished the black felted cross body bag that was on pause waiting for the wool to arrive, well, as you can see it arrived and I was able to finish crocheting the strap, add the lining and assemble the whole thing, the bag is now on the way to its new home. :o)

I hope you all are having a great Summer weekend. Cheers!


  1. The pepperoni bread looks yummy! That would be something that would go over big here. Thanks for sharing. :)

    The bag looks great! I'm sure it will be appreciated at it's new home. :)

    Have a great day dear!

  2. hey! keep torturing, will ya! lol! I think I just might drop by your house for some bread!

    The bag looks great!

  3. Yum!!! I've gotta try that bread - it looks delicious.

    Your bag looks wonderful. I can't believe how fast you are!

  4. I'm agreeing with everyone else here - that pepperoni bread looks really delicious! I'm glad you finished your bag. It looks great. Now is this the same messenger bag you were working on?

    Never heard of bluing before, but now I know. Thanks. :-)

  5. Oh that would be perfect. I'm looking for the emerald green. My email is nccu0598[at]yahoo.com. :-)

  6. I'll have to try that Mrs. Stewarts.

  7. Thank you for the info, I dread buying white but I will have to look for Mrs. Stewarts. Your messenger bag looks awesome. I will have to try the pepperoni bread.

  8. So glad you tried my pepperoni bread recipe and liked it!


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