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Thursday, July 23, 2009

I have been working on baby clothes for Lucas, to be more specific I am making him christening clothes. He will be baptized in Brazil and it's not a requirement to have the child wearing white clothes, but my husband and I think that it's a nice thing to do.

It's funny to say, but the idea of me crocheting Lucas' clothes came from my husband, he thinks it will be cool to let the baby know when he grows up that the clothes were made by me, so here I am!

The only problem is that I am having a hard time making them, I keep thinking that they are not good enough... so I made this jacket and now I am working on a little vest, in case the weather is warm, he can wear the vest instead, but I am still thinking about making a second jacket in a different design to see which one I like the most.

The yarn I am using is Bernat Baby Coordinates, it's very soft and I love the little sparkle that it has!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!


  1. Absolutely adorable...what a keepsake...

  2. How beautiful! Lucas is going to look wonderful in the sweater. That will be a wonderful keepsake for him.


  3. That color with go great with his dark hair. Someday it will be great to look back and say you made it for him.

  4. We can all be our own worse critics. the sweater look great. with a little white shirt and maybe you could make a pair of crochet white panties for over the diaper and some white sandles....

  5. I like the jacket as it is, the yarn and the buttons are lovely.
    Your husband had the greatest idea, Alessandra. Who else better than your own baby to wear your creations? And in a special day like his christening! When will that be?

  6. I think the sweater is phenomenal. I love that yarn choice too because of the sparkles. I agree with Gloria. Maybe a diaper cover and some booties. I couldn't find the pattern I was looking for but here's one for a diaper cover: http://www.geocities.com/Crotiques/bgs.htm.

  7. What an lovely idea and something to keep as an heirloom. Isabel's dress was loaned to me by a wonderful old lady that I knew. It was a family piece that she and her brothers had been christened in and she was in her 80's, so it was such a treasured thing and so generous of her to offer it to us. Tiny stitches, tiny buttons with loops rather than button holes and hand made broderie anglais around the hemline. Truly beautiful. So when is the big day? Oh, and before I forget, I am mailing your swap goodies this lunch time after I finish work. Have a great weekend. Dev x

  8. it is lovely, Ale! I really like the lacy look of it!

  9. Hi Alex: sending out my swap package this afternoon to Dawn.

    Wow winter in Brazil, I didn't think it got very cold in Brazil...!

    Sandra I dressed my son in white shirt, white sweater, white shorts, knee socks to keep his legs warmer a white boys bonnet (the hat had a bit of a brim on it to give it a masculine look) and white shoes. I also brought alon a white blanket and after the churche and pictures I changed him into something a bit more comfortable and warmer.

    Knees are the trick !

  10. Nice nice nice!!! I am sure he will say thanks Mama when he will realized you made it by yourself. Looks amazing!


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