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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Last post I didn't really talk about my crochet work, so this time crochet is all you will get! I have been a busy bee, my hands can't be idle, they are always moving, crocheting, taking care of the baby, cleaning up the house or whatever else I am doing, my hands simply don't stop.

Well, I can prove it! hehehe, here are the last things I have made:

a purple shawl...

a granny square scarf in purple, blue and burgundy...

a shawl in pink, purple, burgundy and red...

another granny square scarf, but in lavender, orange and minty green...

And last but not least a granny square pillow that I made to send to my friend's little girl, I hope she likes it!

Note: I am still taking names for the yarn swap, just leave a comment if you wish to participate.


  1. Hi there, I love the pink cushion, it's very me, being pink and having flowers attached.The shawl is very nice too. Dev x

  2. What pretty colors you used for everything. You are a busy little girl! :)


  3. you are so fast, I am jealous! Love all the items

  4. All of your projects are gorgeous! You work wonders with granny squares too. :-D

  5. Hi there and thanks for being my swap partner. How about I send you 2 balls and vice versa. As for the chocolate, well you surprise me. Do you have ideas for me to send to you...preference of colour etc or do you want me to surprise you? Are you going to post details of when this has to be done by. If you can email me then I can send you my address. See my profile for the email address. I am looking forward to this so much. Dev x

  6. You have given me the granny square scarf bug!

  7. I love them all too! So the flower is meant for the tank top? I think it looks so cute. My hands are always busy and I don't even have a small baby anymore..

    Tom just looks at me at times and wonders why I just can't sit and do nothing.

    Have a great weekend.

  8. Colors for the yarn swap! I love chocolate, I like rich colors!

  9. WOW! Look at you go girl. I cant ever find projects to knit that dont take that much time. That stuff is beautiful!


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