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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Since last weekend I have been working on this cardi, that I was finally able to finish today. I really like it, first because I am a big granny square fan and second because of yarn. I used Red Heart Eco-Ways, it's a recycled blend, the colors are terrific and the yarn is very nice.

Unfortunately I am too big, it doesn't fit me... so I'll list it in my etsy shop. Once I lose weight (who knows when that will be! LOL) I'll make one for myself.

Yesterday I managed to go to the post office to send the yarn swap goodies to my patner Dev in the UK, I hope it gets there soon and above it all, I hope she likes what I sent her!

I also sent a shrug to CT, she's helping me write a pattern for it and once the pattern is all done, we will both sell it in our shops.



  1. This is great, Alessandra. Is this cardi your own design too? And, that's a great deal you and CT struck up. I wish you both the best!

  2. Beautiful cardigan! Unfortunately it doesn't fit me either, I am too small ;-)

  3. Wow! Love it! Did you design it? Very nice. :)

  4. yay!I kept imagining how it would turn out from our conversations, and it looks even better than I thought! you rock girl!

  5. I love all the colors that you used. That looks great!

  6. Oo that looks great. I really like the granny squares as a feature, particularly at the elbows. And the necklaces in your Etsy window look fascinating. I'm heading over to your store to take a better look at them now.

  7. Don't wait to loose weight! make another one a little bigger and enjoy!

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  9. I love the cardigan. It's so cute.
    Unfortunately, it wouldn't fit me either.



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