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Friday, July 24, 2009

The Vest

Yesterday I showed you guys a picture of the little jacket I made for Lucas' christening, well, today I am showing you the vest he will wear if the weather is warm that day. It's winter in Brazil, but that doesn't mean that it will be cold, so I want to be prepared. What do you think? I didn't use any pattern, I made the whole thing in single crochet, except the ribbing on the bottom.
Since you guys asked when his christening will be, I'll tell you. It's going to be next month!

My sister is the only one in my family that had a chance to meet my baby, she came to the US for two weeks to give me a hand just after I had the baby, it was wonderful by the way, so my whole family is just very excited to meet my little guy!

We are really tight right now, but we were able to get one of the tickets using the miles we had been saving for a few years, the baby is going on my lap - free, and the remaining ticket was a great deal, so we just couldn't pass. My poor husband will just have to work double hard to pay the bills when we come back! (I guess that's life though, isn't it?)

Well. now I'm off to start working on my mother-in-law's vase cozy that she requested as her birthday present, which coincidentally is the same day as my birthday!


  1. Mais uma vez, excelente trabalho!
    Espero que a vossa viagem corra o melhor possível.Que alegria deve ser apresentar o seu bébé à restante família! Não se esqueça de tirar fotos, OK? Beijinho grande.

  2. The vest is very beautiful too. You're a wonderful crocheter and Lucas will look really good in his great day. :-)

  3. This is certainly a very BEST vest, girl! Lucas will look just adorable in it! I hope you have a blast on your trip!

  4. I love the vest! Very cute! Hope you have a good trip! Look forward to seeing some pictures when you get back. =D

  5. Oh the baby Lucas is going to look so cute. You have done a wonderful job on the vest. I can't wait to see a picture of him in his baptism outfit.

  6. Oh this vest is so gorgeous. You are a very talented designer and I can't wait to see a pic of Lucas in whatever you choose to let him wear that day! He's going to be all smiles! :-D

  7. Wow! The vest is so nice! You did an awesome job on it and the rest of the outfit.

    Everyone is going to "melt" when they see little Lucas for the first time! Have fun on the trip!


  8. It is so nice that you can go back home and visit your family. I am sure that you miss them terribly and can't wait for them to meet your precious one. I love that vest. It is precious.



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