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Thursday, July 30, 2009

WIP and another swap!

Hello my bloggy friends!

Thank you for all the happy anniversary wishes, we had a great time together, as soon as my hubby got home we had "dinner" together, I made strawberry crepes - can you believe that we had that for dinner?! It was super good though, later on we went out for ice cream, initially we intended to go to the waterfront and eat our ice cream there, but we decided not to because it was too darn hot (103F) and we preferred to stay inside of the car with the air conditioner on! Once we got back home and took care of all the baby's need,s we watched TV together, talked... that was pretty much it, but it was good, the most important thing is that we enjoyed each other's company.
Well, now let me show a picture of my work in progress, it's a top that I'm making for myself. I'm making the pattern up, I had the idea in my had and I'm just going with it. I'm using some crochet thread size 20 that my sister brought from Brazil when she came to visit last time.

Before I leave I'd like to let you guys know that my friend CT is hosting a new yarn swap, so if you are interested, just pop in there and check it out.

I know that some other people that participated on my swap have been thinking about hosting swaps as well and I totally encourage you to go ahead and do so, it's so much fun. You can already count me in!


  1. your sweater is awesome!!! Love it!

  2. Nice sweater! Awesome job at making up patterns! :)

    Can't believe you guys had 103 yesterday! Just don't send it back down here to Idaho. :) Where's fall? :)

    Glad you had a wonderful simple anniversary. I like those best. I'm not for fufu. :0


  3. love the top, and what a great color! so bright and cheery! that is amazing you're making the pattern up!

  4. Lovely top, love it! xxx

  5. My favourite shade of green! :-D
    Btw, which hook do you use with the thread size 20? Spanish sizes are different.


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