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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yarn & Chocolate Swap Partners

First I would like to thank you all for signing up and making this swap possible. I had a good time organizing it and after each of you receive your goodies I'd like to hear your thoughts. Hopefully this is the first swap of many!

So, here is a list of partners:

me - The Fairyglade
CT - Libby
Gweengoods - Farm girl in my heart
Kraftykash - Megan
Kar - Gloria - Dawn (does it make sense? Kar sends to Gloria, Gloria sends to Dawn, Dawn sends to Kar)
Ashley - The Pig Lady

I am sending an e-mail to each of you with your partners mailing address, but you can also visit their blog/flickr page to learn a little more about them.

Please remember that the deadline for sending the yarn & chocolate to your partner is July 31st.Enjoy!


  1. Yaay! thanks for hosting this swap, Ale! Look out Libs, you got the lunatic in the group!

  2. Thanks Alessandra! This is going to be fun! I just went out and shopped for the chocolate treats! Yum!


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