Just Be Happy

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So, here is a picture of my work in progress that I have mentioned before. I'm making a cardigan for my sister, it's a bit larger, but the same style of the one I made before. Two more granny squares to go and I can start working on the body of the cardi.

Today I also have been enjoying sitting outside in my little corner - appreciating my flowers, the day has been mostly cloudy and cool, very nice I would say, considering last week's crazy hot weather!

Quiet day, oh but so lovely!


  1. Okay, I suppose you already know, it goes without saying. I love those grannies!!! She will love it. And your little house looks adorable!

  2. Nice curb appeal =D You should write up a pattern for those granny square sweaters.

  3. The sweater is lovely, and Speed cro-sheen is a size 3 thread. The magenta is a size 5. I like your bench it is too hot with mosquito's here, I won't be sitting outside until October.

  4. This is very lovely......I like your bench it is too hot with mosquito's here,

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  5. Your sister is going to love this cardi! Yes, I love your house too with the bench. Are those pillows that you made a while back? They look a little familiar. Very lovely.


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