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Monday, September 14, 2009

I have been so distracted with my crochet work and still so happy with the fair ribbons that I didn't have time to mention that I received the package from my swap partner.
But, here is the proof that I have been busy... heheheh. I made another ruffled neckwarmer and finished its pattern as well. It will soon be available, just in case any of you is interested.

Also made this colorful scarf to send to my friend in West Virginia, she has a little shop called Swirl in Fayetteville, I don't know if you remember, but I have sent her some hats and necklaces before, but this will be the first time I'll send scarves.

This one is going to West Virginia too, along with some others that I still need to make... :o)

Here is the swap package, my partner was CT and I gotta tell ya, she really did a good time keeping it secret, I tried to get her to tell me who my partner was a million times! I love the cotton yarn (she sells it in her etsy shop, it's trully fabulous!), the headband, baby Lucas loves the penguin (well, I do too!) and the tea I still need to try. Thank you so much CT!

And here is the fabulous birthday present I got from Libby last month, I meant to show you the beautiful yarn she sent to me a long time ago, but the airhead here simply forgot. Thank you Libby! Oh, I am really blessed to have you all as my blog friends, Gee!

Well, now I better get going... time to give baby Lucas a bath. See you soon!


  1. Your crochet creations are wonderful! And that yarn from CT is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what it becomes. Enjoy!

  2. Alessandra, I have missed your blog!! My work has me up to my neck in, well work! I have barely energy to do my favorite things. But I have not forgotten you or your beautiful creations! I love your new neck scarves, too lovely!!

  3. Great crochet works! I wish I had talent like that. =)

  4. Lovely packages, both of them (hello mr. Pingu!). Doesn't it feel good to receive gifts from people who is so far away from you? It's like magic for me!
    By the way, I love your new scarves. A colourful way to brighten up the autumn chilly weather. :-)

  5. Can't wait to see what the Sinfonia turns into, and I really love the rainbow chain scarf!

  6. Boa tarde Alexandra, adorei seu blog, tá muito lindo, sucesso pra vc. bjs.


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