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Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello my friends!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting very often, but baby Lucas has been so fussy that sometimes I want to pull my hair out with tweezers!

On a higher note... we spent Saturday afternoon driving around the Olympic National Forrest, it was a beautiful drive, although it was very grey and raining most of the time (have you seen the movie Twilight? Well, if you have, that is the Washington state weather I have to put up with...LOL), but still, gorgeous landscape.
I took this picture when the rain gave us a little break, that lake in the background is called Lake Cushman.
Also, I had time to make this neckwarmer while we were driving around:

And this one too:
** By the way, the neckwarmer pattern is now available in my etsy shop for $4.00.

And here are some other things I have crocheted lately, but haven't showed you yet:

Both hats are made from the same pattern, but the pink one I didn't make the brim.

And last but not least my WIPs, a ruffled scarf, that I had to stop because I ran out of yarn... LOL and another hat.

Have a fabulous week everyone!


  1. You are so talented at crocheting! Makes me wish I knew how.

    Its hard when the baby is fussy and you have done everything to help. My best friend always told me to go and lay my daughter down in the crib for a few & shut the door, even if she cried. She is 10 now and doesnt remember. LOL Take Care

  2. These are all gorgeous creations! Congrats on posting your pattern.

  3. Love the greenery! You hats look great! the pink is my fav. I'm still amazed at how fast you whip out these projects. =P

  4. Oh lovely creations! I particularly like the bright coloured neck warmer. I like the buttons too. Very interesting and that they're on an angle. But I'm not sure how you make them so fast!! I think it would be fascinating to watch you work. Everything I make seems to take ages to complete.

  5. Wow~such great things you've crocheted. I love neck warmers.

    It is hard when baby is fussy and you can't do anything. Sometimes they just need to cry it out. They may find a way to comfort themselves after a few minutes. It is hard to hear them fussing though.

    Hope it gets better soon.


  6. I love nature! Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures.

    Also love your crochet work, and get inspired from it too.

    About your fussy baby, and don't know if you use one, but, have you ever considered a baby sling? They are such life savers, and will give so much comfort to your little guy and yourself as well. Alot easier on your arms too when carrying him, but still can cuddle at the same time. I highly recommend them.

  7. Wonderful items, what kind of yarn did you use for your neck warmers? Your trip to the Museum of Glass are really cool.

  8. You have an awesome talent.. I just love everything.. and I applaud you at getting it done with a little one.. I too have a shop and two babies.. so I know exactly where your at.. So congrats on your shop.. It's lovely.



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