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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Holiday weekend and we are at home, which is not bad considering that I have hubby here spending time with us (plus the weather is horrible!), which also means that I can crochet while he plays with the baby at times - yay!

So, I got my creative juices running and created this neckwarmer today, I wanted it to be a bit textured, so I made the main body ribbed and then made ruffled edges, I think it turned out pretty nice if I can say so myself.

I added 3 buttons for closure, I think that besides being functional they are quite a nice addition.
I like the fact that it can be worn like this too:

A pattern for this neckwarmer will be soon available in my etsy shop, in case you want to make one of this for yourself! :o)

Anyhow, these last few days I made some other stuff, like this embillished kitchen towel (100%cotton flour sac):

And this black scarf (I don't seem to get tired of this pattern!!! LOL):

Oh, and did I mention that I submitted a few of my crochet items to the local fair? I have my fingers crossed for a ribbon! The fair opens to the public on Friday (September 11) and I hope I can go there on that day to check the crafts out. I'll let you guys know soon when I have any news.

Well, that's all for now my friends, have an awesome Monday everyone.


  1. You've done an excellent job on these creations. Love the neckwarmer especially! And the scarf pattern is great, so I can see why you don't tire of it!

    Happy Labor Day Weekend!

  2. What lovely items, I love to crochet, it is my addiction! I love looking at the things you have crocheted, you are very talented. xxx

  3. I love the neckwarmer. I'm crocheting a bag with ribbed body too, the texture is so nice.

    Good luck for the fair and happy Monday!

  4. they are absolutely lovely!!!!

  5. I feel like I am behind, and just now catching up on everyone's blog! That little neck warmer is adorable. I know this pattern will be popular!

    Good luck in the fair...a blue ribbon would be thrilling to win!


  6. Está lindo!

    Adoro o teu trabalho!



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