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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Today I am not going to talk about crochet, but about some another form of art. Yesterday morning I woke up inspired, I was filled with energy and decided to go ahead, pack my little guy and go to Museum of Glass in downtown (boy, it also made me realize how many beautiful things there are in this city, I'm so lucky to live here!). It was so much fun, the exhibit was awesome, Native American designs in glass, stunning!

Unfortunately we are not allowed to take pictures in the galleries, so I just bring you some pictures of the exhibits that are outside, which are pretty amazing too.

As I was walking and admiring the work in the museum I noticed a question on the wall and it got me thinking... so before I go, I'll leave you that same question:
Can there be crafts without artistry or art without craftsmanship?


  1. I love that you enjoyed your day adventure, I have the best memories of times spent with my sons when they were just babies, so I envy you as I remember those days long ago. Enjoy & relish them. To answer your question, I'll say "no". Artistry requires the talent of "crafting" one's art... at least, that's my opinion. Great question, loved your post!

  2. how nice that you went to the museum. The outdoor exhibits look amazing. I've always loved glasswork - I should see if there is something similar close to me.

  3. Beautiful glassworks and a pity that you couldn't photograph inside, I would have loved to see the exhibits. Not sure about the quote on the wall, a bit deep for me, I just believe that anything that is crafted is an artform. Dev x


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